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Practice Areas

Criminal law: Felony cases & Misdemeanor offenses
Speeding tickets & Other traffic offenses
DWI Drug offenses & DMV License Restorations
Expunctions of Criminal Records

Criminal Law

There are two types of Criminal Law: Misdemeanors and Felonies.
misdemeanor is an offense that is considered a lower level criminal offense, such as minor assaults, traffic offenses, or petty thefts. The penalty for the misdemeanor crime is typically one year or less.
A felony crime involves more serious offenses. Some examples of felonies include murder, manslaughter, dealing drugs, rape, robbery, and arson. Felonies often carry more than a year depending on the offense and jurisdiction.
In a court of law, nothing replaces experience, tenacity, and the will to fight for your rights. With a criminal defense attorney like David H. Hobson, you will give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Traffic Tickets

There are two types of Traffic Violations: Moving Violations & Non-Moving Violations.
A moving violation occurs whenever a driver violates a traffic law with a vehicle in motion. Such as speeding, running a stop sign or red light, or changing lanes without signaling.

A non-moving violation is usually related to parking or faulty equipment. Examples include parking in front of a fire hydrant or on a crosswalk, driving with broken taillights, or producing excessive muffler noise.
Attorney David H. Hobson will fight for your rights, giving you the best representation for the best possible outcome. He takes pride in a client focused structure to deliver creative, efficient, and affordable results to his clients.  Contact Attorney David H. Hobson to discuss your traffic ticket today.